Light-up glow Boston swings with canopy

Light-up glow Boston swings with canopy

Size:100x100x40cm, 128x128x40cm, 150x150x45cm
Canopy: Customized
Price: Negotiated
Place of Origin: China Mainland

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Light-up glow Boston swings with canopy

We also usually call that Boston swings, light-up swings Boston, the lawn on d swings, Boston light swings, and Boston glow swings, etc. Be inspired by traditional playgrounds and parks, light up glow Boston swings to activate outdoor spaces in Boston by modern design. Light up glow Boston swings was designed by Boston-based Höweler and Yoon Architecture to make the park lawn on D interesting for the first time.

Light-up glow Boston swings

Light-up glow Boston swings

But by our improvement, our design more advantages for Boston swings. Our light-up swings Boston are provided better material, safer hand holder, solar energy and more bright light. The lawn on d swings is hanging chairs and seats, often suitable at playgrounds for children to enjoy a happy childhood or adults in a park for relaxing. Unlike traditional swings, mostly Boston light swings are suitable items as outdoor furniture in the dark night. In addition, our Boston glow swings are a hot style led swings which are suitable for indoor, to decorate your event.

The advantages of our light-up glow Boston swings

1. Solar Powered charging mode

LED solar panel patio swing

The LED solar panel patio swing

Our light-up glow Boston swings are an advantage for solar energy systems, voltage stability. We will provide light-up Boston swings with solar energy panels, so all the Boston light swings can be provided the solar-powered charging way.  That means there is no necessity for you to charging every day, just install them and then don’t care about them. When night falls, it will automatically give off light, and in the day will change back to a white appearance. A lot of factories can’t manufacture solar lighting with swing, but as a professional led swings factory, luckily we can do it.

2. Customized canopy or iron frame

Boston swing canopy

Boston swing canopy



A lot of customers have asked us “can you provide customized iron frame or canopy?”, our answer is “yes”. It would be better if you could provide your design drawing, we can design what kind of frame or canopy you want according to your design drawing. To the size and material you need, we will design a large, small, fixed and moving iron frame for you!

3.Wireless Bluetooth Control

Compare with the peer light-up glow Boston swings, we not only provide the remote controller but also Bluetooth control. Generally, the phone can control more 50 LED swings. So you can conveniently control by ios or android but looking for a remote controller frequently. As long as you download an app on the phone, you can choose any color from the three primary colors of light. Just like our slogan: make your life colorful!

4. Safe Hand Holders

Light-up glow Boston swings

Light-up glow Boston swings

Unlike traditional the traditional led swing which isn’t provided the safety hand-holders. As an entertainment facility, we certainly put safety firstly. So we design 2 hand-holders on both sides, in actuality, many other factories don’t provide safety hand-holders. Therefore, you don’t worry about falling down when the light-up glow Boston swings to high. They are very safe.

Country origin of light-up glow Boston swings

We are a professional light-up glow Boston swings factory. The factory is in Guangdong, China. So our products are a much lower price than the peer in different countries. As long as you place an order, we can deliver the goods to you directly from the factory. If you need to contact us, you can send an inquiry at the bottom of the page. Due to the time difference, we may reply to you later, but generally not more than 6 hours.

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