Glow Pillars

Size:Diameter from 12cm to 125cm(different letter, different width)
Color:16 Colors Changing & customized color
Light Source:RGBW LED SMD5050
Material:LLDPE Plastic Material
Certification:CE RoHS UL
LED Lifespan(h):50,000-80,000
Power:AC110-240V or rechargeable for option

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The detailed information about Glow Pillars

Basic Info of Product

Are you looking for Glow Pillars to attract their eyes? Do you want to get glow object to decorate your events to differ the common?If you are going to plan an activity, come on, our glow products are able to realize your dream!

glow pillars

Glow Pillars

glow pillars

glow pillars

glow pillars

Description of Glow Pillars

Our glow pillars are the perfect choice for creating a stunning entrance. The product include the cylinder and square colunm, they are the same in materials, light type and waterproof IP68, but shapement. You can line a passageway, an entrance to an event, a catwalk or place them around a function room for something fun and different. They are a cylinder shape with a flat top, allowing you to place something on top like a vase if you wish.

The glow pillars can be set to stay on one colour, or made to slowly fade between colours or flash fast. They are wireless and are lit up by an internal lighting system that is battery operated. This means they have no cords so they can be placed anywhere without any safety concerns from electrical cords.

We own various kinds of moulds, so we can provided many kinds of different size of glow pillars.The different models are follows, meanwhile if you want to customize your product, please contact us inadvance, we will open new mould to offer the product you want.

Basic information of product

Model NO.A121,A122,A123A(BCDEF),A124(ABCDEF),


NameGlow Pillars
Charging Method:Direct ChargingTrademark:Colorfuldeco
Transport Package:PP Bag and CartonSpecification:Diameter from 25cm to 80cm, Height from 71cm to 210cm(different model, different diamater and height)
Origin:Huizhou, GuangdongCondition:New


Glow Pillars are a experiential product; we can also print your company or product logo onto the pillors which is then illuminated whilst they are being used. Generic pillars are also available with no branding for smaller and cost effective events.

Full color

LED Illuminated Ball can produce any colour in the RGB light spectrum. This allows us to match and complement your branding, lighting or staging effects.

Long batery life

The product have a battery life of 8-9 hours, and are fully reusable when recharged.


Our products are broadly used in various event, for example, Entertainment: amusement park, Cinema, Birthday, dancing party, festival decoration, Christmas decor, music concert, wedding, company events, gift, design, project, wholesale or retail
Garden, patio, home bar, living room, villas, swimming pool, private courtyard, hotel, restaurant, cafe, coffee shop, tea house, plaza and so on.

At the same time, if you match other hot and popular product, such as LED illuminated Swing and LED illuminated Seesaw, the patio or park will become more beautiful and attractive!

The data about Glow Pillars

Model No.SpecificationNet Weight(*kg)CTN/CBMLight panel type/Light height


Glow cylinder
A121D25*H71cm2.5L26*W26*H72cm/0.0487light colunm 120/70cm/4000mAh
A122D25*H100cm3.5L26*W26*H102cm/0.0690light colunm 120/100cm/4000mAh
A123AD30*H76cm3L31*W31*H78cm/0.0750light colunm 120/70cm/4000mAh
A123BD30*H80cm3L31*W31*H82cm/0.0788light colunm 120/75cm/2000mAh
A123CD30*H110cm5L31*W31*H112cm/0.1076light colunm 120/80cm/4000mAh
A123DD30*H115cm5L31*W31*H117cm/0.1124light colunm 120/110cm/4000mAh
A123ED30*H190cm10L31*W31*H192cm/0.1845light colunm 120/115cm/4000mAh
A123FD30*H150cm7L31*W31*H152cm/0.1461light colunm 120/110cm/4000mAh
A124D38*H95cm5.5L640*W40*H98cm/0.1568light colunm 120/95cm/4000mAh
A124AD38*H80cm5L39*W39*H81cm/0.1232light colunm 120/80cm/4000mAh
A124BD38*H112cm6L39*W39*H114cm/0.1734light colunm 120/106cm/4000mAh
A124CD38*H195cm10L39*W39*H196cm/0.2981light colunm 120/95/4000mAh
A124DD38*H115cm6L39*W39*H116cm/0.1764light colunm 120/95/4000mAh
A124ED38*H175cm9L39*W39*H116cm/0.1764light colunm 120/95/4000mAh
A124FD38*H210cm11L39*W39*H212cm/0.3225light colunm 120/95/4000mAh
A125AD50*H72cm6L60*W60*H73cm/0.2628light colunm 120/95/2000mAh
A125BD80*H210cm30L60*W60*H73cm/0.2628light colunm 120/95/2000mAh
Glow suqar column

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