Lighted planters

Lighted planters

You can control garden lighting with lighted planters

One of the most common features of decorate garden is lighting control. To meet the demand for innovative lighting, we created a garden lighted planters with remote controls devices (with Android or iOS).

The system is characterized by great layout possibilities and simplicity of lighted planters. With innovative lighted planters, you can create amazing lighting effects on gardens, terraces and balconies. Lighting trails, pavilions, and discounts will bring a unique ambience. Modern light is also an interesting solution for organizing events and celebrations such as weddings. Changing colors and light intensity from the phone level is sure to surprise guests and allow you to create your own decor.

According to requirement of guest, we designer 3 kinds of lighted planters:

1. The ordinary lighted planters with remote control. We provide the same LED panel and shell, but control way. In this control way, you will get a remote. So you can choose 16 colors to control LED flower pot in the remote.

2. As an additional option. Bluetooth illuminated flower pot, it is additional wireless bluetooth control way. So you have no necessity to usually carry a remote, just take a phone to control illuminated flower pot. You just download an app to choose colors. More importantly, there are thousand RGB colors in the app. That means you can select any colors you like depend your mood and requirement.

illuminated flower pots

illuminated flower pots

3. You can also choose the lighted planters version with solar power. This advantage of planter with solar power is so obvious. You just put it in the outdoor, the lighted planters will light up you patio, garden, park everyday. You never to move to a place with electric power to charge it. More importantly, our planters solar panel can interact the solar. So the flower pots won’t glow in daylight to wast power.

In each series, any lighted planters size and sphere with lighting is possible, which makes the display of the space even more interesting. IP 55’s high level of protection and 3-meter long cable ends with a waterproof plug ensure safe use, so the LED balls can be placed freely (e.g. beside the pond). High quality materials for lighting flowerpots and lampshades with colored balls mean that you can enjoy modern lighting for a long time, regardless of weather conditions.

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