Illuminated flower pots

illuminated flower pots

Illuminated flower pots

Illuminated flower pots for sale

Illuminated flower pots are an up-and-coming, modern popular accessory in commercial design. Using a beautiful combination of form and function, these modern lighted planters accent your design space while providing a functional light source. LED illuminated flower pots are well suitable to a range of indoor and outdoor applications including along pool decks and walkways, or encircling courtyards and rotundas.

Indoor/Outdoor Illuminated Planters, brought to you by Planters Unlimited, give architects and designers the combined, brilliant elements of design and light – all in one. These lighted flower pots come in various shapes, sizes and colors, and are consist of a range of innovative materials. Also, each of these modern lighted planters has a fully reinforced fiberglass inner liner that handles your planting soil and drainage. Click on individual product icons below for more detailed information on particular styles.

How to select illuminated flower pots?

Generally speaking, the material is important to illuminated LED flower pot. There are two types of flowerpots according to the material. One is made of acrylic, which is brighter in appearance, very smooth to the touch, very strong, and more expensive. The other is made of polyethylene. This material is very white in appearance, has stronger oxidation resistance, and is cheaper in price. Both materials are great for making flower pots.

Second, the price of illuminated flower pot depend on where to buy them. As a glow illuminated flower pot factory. Our products are much lower price than the peer in different countries. As long as you place an order, we can deliver the goods to you directly from the factory. So if you want to get illuminated flower pots, please contact us, you can send an inquiry at the bottom of the page. Due to the time difference, we may reply to you later, but generally not more than 6 hours.

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