LED Furniture Manufacturer in China

Colorfuldeco is one of the leading LED furniture manufacturer in China, specializing in the production and sales of luminous lighting furniture.

We have two LED furniture factories in Guangdong, China, which can provide a wide range of LED furniture, such as LED tables, LED chairs, LED sofas, LED benches, LED flower pots, LED balls, LED cubes, LED ice buckets, LED floor tiles , LED swings & LED seesaws, etc.

In the past ten years, colorfuldeco has become a small and famous LED furniture manufacturer and supplier. Our main markets include North America, Europe, and Asia.


All Kinds of LED Furniture for You

As an LED furniture factory equipped with professional designers and engineers, we can provide any shape you want on the exterior of the product. We have thousands of molds that can produce most of the shells already on the market. We can provide a wide range of LED furniture, such as LED tables, LED chairs, LED sofas, LED benches, LED flower pots, LED balls, LED cubes, LED ice buckets, LED floor tiles , LED swings & LED seesaws, etc.

More importantly, because we have a dedicated circuit designer, we can provide top-level internal electronic systems, and we have a clear advantage in internal lamp beads.

LED Furniture with Premium LLDPE Shell & Hight Light LEDs

LED furniture usually refers to a type of furniture that is wrapped in white plastic on the outside and is equipped with led lamp beads inside, which plays the role of lighting and decoration. This kind of furniture is very popular in many countries, whether it is day or night, suitable for outdoor and indoor events.

High-quality LED furniture must have a premium shell and bright internal lamp beads. Our linear low-density polyethylene has a smooth surface, good light transmittance and wear resistance, is a very high-quality shell material.

At the same time, unlike other low-quality internal lamp beads, they always emit uneven light. We are different, our carefully selected high-brightness lamp beads can provide you with a better product experience.


Professional LED Furniture Manufacturer

“Product quality is the soul of the factory”, Colorfuldeco as a qualified LED furniture factory, we firmly believe in the importance of product quality. We have two factories in Guangdong, China, with a total area of more than 5000 square meters, and more than 100 team members. All products are carefully designed, strictly produced and carefully checked to ensure that the products delivered to the guests are perfect.

If you want to visit our factory, please go to the address in Google Maps and we will send a specialist to pick you up.

Competitive Factory Price

Since we are a LED furniture factory & supplier located in China, all our products can provide very competitive prices. This price is much lower than the prices of importers in the European and North American markets, because they also take goods from us.

If you are an event planner or project contractor, then buying LED furniture from us is a very wise decision, because for large quantities of purchases, the discounts we can give are very huge.

LED Glow Benches
Fast Delivery & Customized Service

Fast Delivery & Customized Service

The delivery time depends on the quantity you purchase, and the quantity is within 100 usually we can deliver within three days.

Whether it is the shape of the appearance or the internal lighting method, we can meet the needs of customization. Larger quantities or customized requirements, our delivery time may be slightly later, depending on your quantity and customized requirements. Please contact us for more details on this aspect.

How to Buy LED Furniture?

Since many LED furniture may have customization needs, our website does not support direct orders. You first need to contact our sales and tell us your geographic location and needs. After we confirm the order, you need to pay a 30% deposit. Then we start to prepare the materials and put them into production. After the production is completed, you need to pay the final payment before shipping. Finally, we will ship.

Our salesperson will contact you within up to 6 hours of receiving your call or email. Please wait for a while.

For how to contact us, please refer to the contact information as follow.

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